About Centre 12

Thames Valley VulturesCentre 12 of the the Virago Owner’s Club was founded seventeen years ago, and due to the voracious appetite of one of the founding members, quickly became known as The Thames Valley Vultures. Since then the National Club has become the ‘Virago Star Owners Club’ to embrace the new Yamaha ‘Star’ Cruiser range. Centre 12 currently has over 40 members, of both sexes in a wide age group, riding motorcycles covering the entire Yamaha cruiser range. We take part in the four rallies held annually, one of which is designated an 'International Rally'. 2011’s International was held in Denmark, 2012's   Sweden, 2013 Finland  and the Vultures were there in force.  2014's will be in Germany. 

At a local level we organise ride-outs, weekends away, rider training, charity and social events. We have two meetings each month, every second Wednesday and every fourth Wednesday. (See 'What's On' page and 'Venues' page). Why not check out the rest of this site, then come along, meet the TVV, and increase the enjoyment of riding your Virago or Star!

The Preferred charity of The Thames Valley Vultures is The Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance, for whom we collect plastic milk bottle tops, unwanted mobile phones and printer toner cartridges for recycling. The Thames Valley Vultures are proud also to contribute towards the running of The Hawk Conservancy Trust, by sponsoring Picardi a White Backed Vulture. Previously we sponsored an egg but unfotunately it died in shell. Prior to that, we sponsored Basil a Griffon Vulture but he has now gone away for stud purposes and sadly, our first sponsored bird Sally died in February 2006.