C12 Contacts 
Barry Pearce Barry (Baz) Pearce 'Baz' our Centre Rep is a keen rider and VSOC Member, attending rallies and parties up around this country and abroad. Contact Baz
Badger Bob (Badger) Dawson Our Deputy Rep Bob is a keen rally goer and an IAM Advanced Rider. Contact Badger
Julie D Julie Dawson Julie has taken hold of the purse strings and is striving to  increase our balance at the bank. Contact Julie
Jive Bunny Keith (Jive Bunny ) Stone Keith is our Ride-Out Co-ordinator. Contact Keith
Ed 'n Sue  Ed 'n Sue Ed 'n Sue source and supply C12's Merchandise. Contact Ed 'n Sue 
Carl Whiting Carl (Ghost) Whiting Carl collects, stores and delivers our recycled phones, cartridges and milk bottle tops donated for charity. Contact Carl
John Stevens John Stevens That's me. Web-master and IAM Advanced Rider. Contact John