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25th April Oxon Meeting Wheatsheaf      
27th  - 29th April Rally in a Hotel Gloucester Depart H Cafe  10.30am Ride Out Details  
6th May Ace Cafe Yamaha Day Stonebridge NW10 C13 Hosting the VSOC stand.
Depart Shire Horse 10.30am
9th May Berks Meeting Novello's Bring & Buy Sale    
23rd May Oxon Meeting Wheatsheaf      
25th - 27th May C15 FUBAR in Folkestone Folkstone   Flyer  
28th May - 3rd June Vendee trip   Details to be announced    
8th June - 10th June 2018 International Rally Rudbol Graeneskro  Denmark   Details so far  
13th June Berks Meeting Novello's      
17th June Dr B's Bike Show Wokingham   Flyer Information Only
25th June Cassington Bike Night Cassington     Information Only
27th June Oxon Meeting Wheatsheaf      
6th - 8th July VSOC at Mallory Park Mallory Park   Link  
11th July Berks Meeting Novello's      
20th - 22nd July C7 'Where the Flock Are We'   Rally Aberaeron   Flyer  
25th July Oxon Meeting Wheatsheaf      
28th July Deaf Riders Association Show Abbey Rugby Club      
3rd - 5th Aug Scrumpies Summer Party Banwell   Flyer  
8th Aug Berks Meeting Novello's      
12th Aug Motorcycle Megameet Popham   Details  
22nd Aug Oxon Meeting Wheatsheaf      
24th-27th Aug C4   Fourgasm Rally Redcar   Flyer  
7th - 9th Sept YCCNL RoadRats Rally Zieuwent, Netherlands   Flyer  
12th Sept Berks Meeting Novello's      
26th Sept Oxon Meeting Wheatsheaf      
10th Oct Berks Meeting Novello's      
24th Oct Oxon Meeting Wheatsheaf      
14th Nov Berks Meeting Novello's      
28th Nov Oxon Meeting Wheatsheaf      
12th Dec Berks Meeting Novello's      
9th Jan 2019 Berks Meeting Novello's      
24th - 27th May TVV Rally Thatcham      
Information Only For Information Only Information Only NOT an official C12 VSOC event