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22nd-24th Sept Saxon Warriors Charity Bash   Make your own way to:-    Eternit Sports Club,   Whaddon Rd, Meldreth , Cambs
27th Sept Oxon Meet Wheatsheaf      
1st Oct Brightona   Meet Shire Horse    
11th Oct Berks Meet Novello's      
15th Oct Ride Out Cotswolds      
25th Oct Oxon Meet Wheatcheaf      
8th Nov Berks Meet Novello's      
18th - 26th Nov Motor Cycle Live 2017 NEC Birmingham      

22nd Nov

Oxon Meet WHeatsheaf      
10th Dec CMA Reading Toy Run Foster Wheeler's Reading   Flyer  
13th Dec Berks Meet Novello's      
16th Dec C12 Xmas Party Novello's      
10th Feb 2018 Yorkies, A Bit of a Do Skipton   Flyer  
8th June - 10th June 2018 International Rally Rudbol Graeneskro  Denmark   Details so far