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February Apply For IDP   Just in case one is needed. Details Information Only
13th Nov Berks Meeting Bell & Bottle   From 8pm  
27th Nov Oxon Meeting Wheatsheaf   From 8 pm  
30th Nov Lost Riders Xmas Party Kegworth   Flyer  
8th Dec Reading Toy Run Reading   Flyer  
11th Dec Berks Meeting Bell & Bottle   From 8pm  
14th Dec TVV Xmas Party Spread Eagle Hotel Thame Traditional Christmas Dinner.  Disco until 1am.  Rooms available at Hotel or Travelodge in staggering distance. Please let Baz know if you wish to attend.  £40/ head.   Flyer

Spread Eagle Hotel

Travelodge Thame
25th Dec Oxon Meeting     Cancelled  
8th-10th May YCCB Rally Zandvliet, Belgium   Flyer  
22nd-25th May Centre 9 Rally Cromford   Flyer
Ticket Request
12th - 14th June YCC International Rally Finland   Flyer  
  Centre 6 Rally        
28th-31st Aug Scrumpies Rally Castle Carey   Flyer  
2021 International Rally UK      
  Scotland Rally        
  North London Rally        
  West Midlands Rally        
2022 International Rally Norway      
  Centre 3 Rally        
  Solent Rally        
    East Anglia Rally        
2023 International Rally Spain      
  Ireland rally        
  Centre 18 Rally        
  Essex Rally        
Information Only For Information Only Information Only NOT an official C12 VSOC event