Land Rover Grill
4 x 4 Show, Grazely

After a very successful display of Virago, Stars, and V Max’s at Read4x4 imagesings Custom Car and Bike Show, C12 were asked to do the same at the big 4x4 Show at Grazley. Unfortunately we were supposed to be going to the Hawk Conservancy the same day, so Sue and I said we would represent the club.

Armed with our show passes we set off through country lanes to Grazley. At the show we found our marquee which we were sharing with our new mates, The American Cruising Club (you all know them, the ones with all the flags and big Yankee Cars and Vans). One of their members has a triked 650 Dragstar and may join us.
Once settled in, coffees in hand, we caught up on last weeks efforts and were told they made £1600 for Sue Ryder Homes, so well done to all the Vultures who came to help and support the event. Enough talking, we went to see the rest of the show. Wow, lots going on:-  20 minute helicopter rides over Reading, Monster trucks with car crushing rides, Hovercraft rides, Wrestling ring, big Military Vehicles and a good display by the Solent Eagles. This is a young kids' (aged 4 to 15) motorcycle display team doing basic tricks over a very rough ground.

Back at the marquee the Cruiser Club were making their presentations for club turnouts and achievements over the past few months (lots of micky taking). In the few months that Sue and I have been doing shows, we have become very fond of Hog Roasts. It seems all the rage at the moment and boy they are good !!!!!!!
We helped take down the marquee and said our goodbyes. A brilliant show, and we really must have our the VSOC Stand there next year as I am sure we will be invited back.

Sorry about the pics but unlike Chris and Dan, we don’t have a working camera in the house at the moment so we just used our phones!

Ed and SUe Luck
Photographs by, and copyright of:-  © Ed and Sue Luck 2011.