Pant's Bridge Too Far
I'm not a fan of heights so I really don't like long high bridges.   Having survived the sea bridge in Denmark this year I thought I'd be safe in the UK. How wrong was I.

On the way back from the Yorkies Troglodyte rally everyone thought it a great idea to ride along the Humber bridge, thanks to Baz for the suggestion!   Baz, Ian, Brian and others were the first pack to leave the camp site. John, Chris, Sheila , Jenna and I decided to have a civilised lie in and take our time packing up. Luckily, John had a Sat Nav so he led the way home, but first we stopped off at a site seeing picnic area just below the bridge.

As we negotiated our way down a steep hill, I wondered how we were going to climb back up. I had taken a gamble and travelled up north without my  GTN (glyceryl trinitrate) heart medication, luckily Sheila had supplies and gave me a spare GTN a couple of days before. So at least if I had problems on the way back up I could take a quick spray and I would be back into action.
Anyway we were soon at the foot of the bridge. Boy it was big and long and in this case size mattered as the huge bridge straddled the Humber river. The tide was in and an RLNI life boat was sailing around the bottom the bridge's legs. This filled me with so much confidence, at least the RLNI would save me if I came off the bridge.
So we started our trek back to the bikes up the steep hill in full heavy leathers, just what we needed in the midday heat. I didn't need the GNT so the stress test worked.

We kitted up and made our way to the bridge, paid our £1.20 toll and off we went. I rode the near side and looked straight ahead as we rode for what seemed to be an age. But we were soon over the bridge in one piece. There were no medals given at the end of the bridge for successful completion but at least I made it safely. Now I'm waiting for my next challenge, could there be a longer bridge than Denmark? Yes there is one in Sweden on the way to next year's International Rally. I'm certainly looking forward to that one, not!  

Humber Bridge