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Jenna's Journey

Well, we had a good run up to Trog country, arriving mid afternoon. After a few of us set off for some supplies we could get the party started...      As I can’t eat ‘normal food’ the lads went up to try the Trog wears and came back satisfied with their kill, while I sat at the tent munching on the green stuff.

The bar was well stocked and the company pleasant, there was a resident DJ who play a well mixed bag of tunes to keep everyone happy. The band on Friday evening was an interesting mix of punk rock songs, but some songs just should not be tampered with...

We went off to Beverley on Saturday, what a lovely old market town with far too many outdoor shops with sales on! After some lunch we went to find a bike show that was on run by a local bike club. After a very quick chat with the man on the gate we made our way back to Trog camp, ‘nuf said.

Some very interesting outfits were emerging as people started popping out of their caves to make their way to the evening entertainment. The band pulled off a good show followed again by the resident DJ. I ended up the last one up rolling in at 2 am, everyone else had gone to bed early!

A few chaps made their way home early on Sunday morning while the rest of us followed ye ol’ trusty TomTom to make our way back over the very long Humber Bridge (hey Pants). Started as an nice un-eventual ride home until we got further down south. We were all following in a staggered line, (as you should) when I saw a car in the outside lane indicate. Well they would wait for the bikes to go by, wouldn’t they...... NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
After I stopped swearing and got myself re-organised after nearly becoming a Meganne trailer to some bloody idiot, we carried on regardless. UNTIL somebody decided to pull into the services while we were overtaking a Morrisons lorry, well most of them made it, didn't they John. I was not prepared to become an ornament on the front of an arctic so I carried on.
Luckily I was not too far from home and was having a nice cup of coffee and had my feet up before the rest of them – tee hee .
Humber Bridge