Vultures Party on the Pirates' Poopdeck

Party on the Poopdeck

Friday morning and the rain is steadily coming down……it must be rally time!
The plan was to meet at Popham services west bound. Me, Ed and Sue set off for the meet up and got there nice and early. We knew where it was, even though it is not marked on any maps. As an impressionable 18 year old I blew a piston here on a Suzuki GT185 one cold Saturday evening on the way to Southampton . The Wednesday meeting before, various confused members were muttering “where the f*** is Popham”! Badger, Julie and then Pants turned up. Got talking to a couple from C15 who were contemplating turning back as they don’t do rain. Badger then got a text saying the others were waiting for Baz to turn up at Chieveley. A long wait ensued and then we heard the unmistaken sound of v-twins, only to see the others going past on the East bound carriageway. Another wait and then they….... Baz, Iain, Mike the Bike, Stig and Sheila rode in. Apparently they took the pretty route, backtracking once or twice and getting lost, moaning about wrong Post Codes in Sat Navs.
All present and correct Badger set a route avoiding the holiday traffic. As far as that criteria was concerned he was spot on. Problem was, the roads were so remote no other bugger knew they even existed. We rode through the eternal rain, roads covered in mud left by tractors, horse shit, cow shit and any other type of shit! Now as ride leader Badger's bike and clothing stayed relatively clean. Us poor sods behind looked like we'd had a cheap tanning session. We stopped off at a farm shop for lunch and a respite from the weather.
On arrival we were met by a quagmire and Dan holding a pint. The main entrance had now been deemed too muddy to ride through, so we were diverted through a different obstacle course. Shortly after, this was then closed due to the mud and another gate was opened up down a side road. The rain didn’t stop until all the tents were up and kit sorted, but that was the last of it. Some arrived Thursday and others trickled in after us, so we now had Baz, Ed and Sue, Badger and Julie, Phil and Andrea, Keith and Dianne, Carl and Kate, Jenna, Pants, Mike the Bike, Baffles, Jive Bunny, Dan, Sheila, Iain and Sophie, Stig and little ole me! A good turn out for the Vultures. The Thursday crowd had hood winked a garden table, benches and umbrella from the local pub that was 100 yards down the road. Most meals were eaten here as the food was very good value and of a high quality. On the first night various Vultures seemed to peak rather early with Stig being floored as he walked into a goal post. On Saturday some went off and came back with shiny jet washed bikes, mine was still wearing its mud camouflage, and the belly pan looked like it had just ploughed a field.
Saturday was also Jive Bunnie's umpteenth birthday. Cake, party poppers, streamers, hats and balloons were aplenty. Just what any birthday boy could ask for. He then got promptly pissed as a parrot in keeping with the pirate theme. Carl and Jenna looked quite dandy as buccaneers. Sorry Jenna for depositing my raffle tickets down your cleavage, but if you will flaunt it…………..(lol)
The evenings were rather cold, and Black Jack did a roaring trade with the Vultures in VSOC woolly hats. On Sunday some went home but the sun was out so we headed off to Brixham. Baz needed to buy replacement rock for his kids, hoping they didn’t realise it said Brixham instead of I.o.W. We all went down the pub for a meal in the evening taking the table back as shown in the video. A good time was had by all.
Alas the end of a very short rallying season. Snapper

I would just like to thank all of the Vultures for making my birthday so special and a BIG thanks to Kate and Carl for looking after me! What a fantastic weekend it was. Roll on the next rally.
Photos by and copyright of © Chris Seymour 2011.
Video by and copyright of © Phil Amps 2011.
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