Blue Chopper
Reading Custom Car and Bike Show

Both the V-Max and Arl's Nightster required  a good clean before making an appearance at the Custom Car and Bike Show in Reading.  So, I reluctantly set about the task with Arl's bike up on the ramp first. I had already decided this would be just a lick and a promise job and started cleaning the bits that showed and were dirty. It wasn't long before I found a hole where there previously hadn't been one. I quickly deduced a bolt had fallen out ......... of the engine mounting !  
Cleaning work came to an abrupt halt as I scoured the shed and the garage for a 5/8th UNC treaded bolt about an inch and a quarter long.  I'm not that lucky !   So, a call to Nij our mechanic was made. "She's f***ing lucky, they usually sheer off not fall out "!

It was arranged that we would call into Nij's at 11am on Sunday morning and he would cut a bolt to size for us.  Unfortunately this meant we would not arrive at the Custom Show in time to help Ed set up our stand. Sorry Ed, but we needed to get this problem sorted.  
Nij was true to his word and in no time at all we were on our way to Tesco's car park. We arrived before the Show officially opened and already there was a significant number of exhibitors and spectators milling around. Despite some members being on holiday or otherwise occupied we had over 20 bikes in our display completely overshadowing our tribute club and their 4 or 5 bikes.  
Our display included Roger's new V-Max. What a find that was  ........ 20 odd years old and only 700 Kilometres under its belt, or should that be drive shaft?  It was good also to see Sarah arrive on her own wheels.  

Stomachs started to rumble so we headed off to get a burger. We joined the queue and were waiting patiently when, to our amazement, we saw Dan walk behind the table being used as the serving counter, and stroll up to the enormous biker doing the BBQ. "Burger with onions please" Dan announced. There was a silence as the Chef glared at Dan then slowly looked round in disbelief at the queue looking back at him in disbelief. In a very quiet but firm voice and pointing with his spatula, "Queue" he said. Dan apologised and came to join us. Having enjoyed a good laugh at Dan's expense the few bikers who were now in the line behind us, showed compassion and allowed him to slot in with Arls and myself.  

We enjoyed meeting  up with old friends such as Caroline & Colin, Dave Dollery and others,  and it was great to see some of our newer members supporting the Show. We also made some new acquaintances including some ex- wannabes and heard some amusing anecdotes.  It is amazing how many times you start talking to a stranger at these events, only to find they know many of your friends in various parts of the country.  Such was the case today.  

All in all a successful day and I hope the Sue Ryder charity benefits from our efforts.  It is highly probable that Snapper Seymour will provide a selection of photos for a Gallery to accompany this. It's just a pity he won't have one of Dan's encounter with the BBQ Biker Chef.

Ride Safe,

Snapper Seymour
Photographs by, and copyright of:-  © Chris Seymour 2011.