The first official ride out of the year appearing on the website was excellent news. At last a chance to get on the bike and do some quality miles with some biker friends.

Saturday morning I was up and bright and early checking over the bike for Sundays ride when my heart sank. No road tax. Then I remembered that letter from the DVLA!
No problem though, it was still only a quarter to twelve. Plenty of time to nip down the post office and tax it.  Dug out the paperwork – and then my heart sank. Bloody MOT had expired at the end of January.
No problem though, I knew a place down the Hambridge Road that did bike MOT’s. Phoned them up and booked it in for two o’clock. Sorted, picked the bike up at three o’clock, handed over my 20 quid and rode home in the rain a happy man. On the internet at 3:15 and taxed the bike, thank god for computers. We were going to Bournemouth in the morning!

Sunday morning, I was up bright and early looking forward to the days ride. There was a bit of rain around. No problem though, we don’t ride show bikes. So of I set to Chieveley for the 10:30am meet.

Met Barry and sat down with a cup of coffee whilst we waited for the rest of the bikers to arrive………… And we waited…………..

(must admit I was a tad wet when I got back home at 11:30am – and then it snowed!)  

John Selby