Charlie's Wish 
CharlieI had a call about a young lad's 'bucket list' wish, which was to ride in a pack of bikes (How cool does that sound?) and yes, I was up for it ..... The first meeting point was at Aldi supermarket, J11 of the M4, Saturday the 21st December.  As we all know, by then it had rained and rained and was still raining that morning (poor lad). So fully kitted up I headed off to the first meeting point. I arrived wet and waited.  It seemed to be just me, I thought the others may have pulled out, but I waited anyway and after about 15 minutes others arrived.  A few "hello"s then off to the second meeting point which was at the John Nike Ice Rink in Binfield. A steady pace was maintained along the M4 with the rain easing a bit and we arrived at the car park where more bikes joined. The 10 of us then rode to The Prince Of Wales Pub in Bracknell where the car park was beginning to fill up (50 to 60 bikes at a guess).

There were a few old faces to catch up with, but first a coffee which the landlord had provided:- "Just help yourself " he said (nice !).  Back outside I saw a very old VSOC face Ian (Boson) Thoburn complete with camera as usual.  I was sad to hear he had left the VSOC to concentrate on stuff such as his work for B.S.H.,   photos and write ups, and Harley related stuff.  I also saw Kay arrive with a cut off she had made for Charlie with patches sewn all over it (looked the business).

I chatted to Sean Harris of Reading MAG about Charlie and he told me the lad has only ever known Hospitals, operations and tests for most of his 14 years and now doctors can do nothing more for him. Yet this lad has done so much for others even though he has been in more pain than them, so this day was for him. We had a briefing from Sean, telling us it would be a short ride as Charlie's Dad was worried about the vibration on his back from the Harley (big cheer went up and Harley's were mocked as usual) We started up and left through the housing estate onto the back roads of Warfield and Binfield. Very very wet roads with water flooding from the fields making mud everywhere.  The Harley's will just love this I thought !!!!!!  A 20 minute ride took us back to the pub where we had more tea and coffee, a little more chatting with friends, and then made our way home thinking that this may be Charlie's last Christmas.  I do hope he had a great day. His parents should be very proud.