Winter not too Blue !

Jobs for the bike November 2011 – April 2012


November 2011         Bike off the road - Casings off – Nuts and bolts stored and logged
Parts off to chrome.    - Ashford Chrome   £400.00 + VAT.

Optimiser from shop next to H’s café.       £19.99
Battery stored

Replace with fresh oil and filter – Ebay      £27.00

Reflective wheel stripes -              Ebay      £10.00 (easier to fit to loose wheels)

Fork gaters from shop next to H’s               £8.00

December 2011          Casings back from chromers

Rating                          So so!

                                    Casing reinstalled – One bolt left over !!!

                                    Forks polished – Wet n dry emery paper / Halfords (advice from Keith Stone).

Rating                          Very pleased

Speedo and rev dials removed – replace bulbs and painted dial rims

Rating                          Very pleased

Final drive fill plug – Ebay US                  £15.00

Rating                          Looks good – Hasn’t come loose and fallen out yet !!

January 2012              Second hand wind shield – Givi / Ebay    £28.00 (modified bracket to fit)

Rating                          Too long without one !

February 2012            Replace front brake pads – Ebay             £23.99

                                    Clean callipers with Muc off, use copper grease on new pads (as recommended by Badger Bob)

Rating                          It stops !

                                    Clean Air filter – Halfords K&N filter clean       £15.00

April 2012                   New rear brake shoes – Brian Grey’s                  £27.00

                                                Clean rear brake areas with Muc off – Halfords    £6.00

                                    New white walls – Maxxis                                 £205.00 supplied and  fitted by Brian Grey’s (to loose wheels)

Rating                          Happy

Must do:                      Replace batteries in air bed pump, Hang out tent, keep earning the pennies !!

Recommend:               Pick Badgers brains before commencing DIY bike work !, when any nut or bolt drops and rolls away/vanishes, keep calm, it will appear eventually !