Chroming Experience

My chromed parts came home on Saturday 3rd December.  Sue and I had just had a week in Marbella and I’m sure Sue needed another holiday after listening to me droning on about bike parts for most of the time we were there !!  

Originally, I sent off for three different quotes.  Only one company replied – Ashford Chroming.   They were very professional and I was sold.  Having had some chroming done before (let’s not go there!!) I thought their prices were fair.  I sent the parts off to Kent.  

The process took 4 weeks to complete.  There were actually 8 pieces to chrome.  I finally got the call to say that they were ready for despatch.    The parts arrived back to me at around 11am.  I couldn’t wait to open the box and inspect the parts.   Firstly, the fork/fender brace looked as though It had been polished rather than chromed.  The rest of the parts seemed ok although I did think that the finish on the right hand clutch casing was a little dull.    

By the time the parts were back on the bike, they were covered in oil and grease and needed a good clean !!

If I ever need chrome work doing again, I think that I will take the parts  to the workshop myself.  I would also collect the parts myself and inspect them before payment was made.   I will pray this chrome work will stand the test of time… Otherwise the Vultures will have their first rat bike in the club !!   Rather than risk the bike on the toy run, I took it for a quick test ride and all seems ok apart from a slight oil leak that I have now sorted.