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Scrumpies Party 2013
The day after the hottest day for a few years turned cloudy for the start of another trip to the west country to partake of the hospitality of the world renowned Scrumpies Party. Many starting points and times meant a smaller than usual group of Vultures meeting up.
We passed Carl on the way to Chieveley and giving a cheery wave rode on to our meet with Jen and Terry at Leigh Delamere, an incident and traffic free drive to Banwell meant we were ahead of the pack.

Blocking off an area we parked cars and tents fighting off competing packs from Wales, we started the erection process. After a ‘discussion’ about where Lyndy parked we quickly had our tent up then enjoyed the ‘conversation’ as Terry and Jen (part time campers) dug deep into the recesses of their minds on how their tent worked. Finally, after having discarded the 2nd tent (Now where does this bit go?) they had it up. “There’s a hole in the top”, more discussions, finally after many foiled attempt to strap plastic bags on the room Terry emerged victorious with black top section.
Over the next few hours the gang arrived in a mix of cars and bikes and many family groups. Soon Vulture City was born from the ashes amid a swarm of happy wasps,  ready to feast on the sweet drinks and glorious food and bodies. Evening came and after excursions to shops and take-aways supper was consumed ready for the party. Sorely missed was Boots, tucked away in some forgotten land with only his family a huge pool and bottles of JD to hand and hot sunshine, as well as our esteemed leader also off on a family trip to pastures new.

The DJ was good as usual and there was much frivolity and dancing to entertain the crowd. Rain came and went but only Julie got drenched after a trip back to the tent. Sensibly the rest of us waited until the storm had gone. Trudging back to tents and only woken up by Badger searching for Keith’s structure with loud voice and brighter torch. “No, further down, go away!” seemed to do the trick. Awoke to some lovely sunshine and the breakfast cooking smells, but we had elected to go to Morrison’s. We’ll follow you says a trusting Terry. It was only when we arrived at said shop, that Chris and Lyndy said “Weren’t they supposed to be following us?”   oops! Angry bees swarmed into the breakfast bar “Uh thanks for waiting for us!”. “Not our fault if you couldn’t keep up!”  didn’t seem to cut it.  
Some of the Vultures went for a beach trip and we went off to Glastonbury to visit the shops where witches and fairies abound, much to the delight of our resident witch Jen and her tame cat - Terry. Jen almost bought a new witch’s robe.
Finally off to the beach to see how the sand castles were progressing. This time it was us left behind after a brief visit to Banwell ‘Castle’ and as we tried to catch up Terry the heavens opened so we trudged back to our tents.Keith's Castle

Poor Keith created a perfectly formed but small castle compared to the War of the Roses monument from the Yorkies. Back at the tents we were about to have a massive cook out when the heavens opened once again. All Vultures were quickly sheltered in a variety of porches before relighting the gas fires. A massive Barbie/braai was set up with multiple fires and out came a plethora of buns, sausages, burgers (veggie and meat), salads, starters and even (Dan take note) vol au vents. Once consumed it was back to the dance floor.

hat a disappointment. Poor Scrumpy organisers let down right at the last minute and the band was awful. I take back any comments about previous bands these were the worst. Just banging drums and thumping guitars no tune flat voices oh dear. Finally getting them off, for raffle and a collection for the little girl Olivia Pollard knocked over by rogue idiots on offroaders. Then the highlight of the night was Steve Clarke, over from Ireland gave us a fabulous dancing demonstration to great rock music from DJ. His feet moved like magic across the floor sadly didn’t manage to film it. Following a short break the DJ came out to auction one of the prizes, a beautiful helmet, a wonderful auction which ended up with the DJ paying £200 for it, plus lots of added prizes. All money to Olivia. However we know that the DJ is in for more expense as his partner wanted the helmet to go with her new bike after being given a ride earlier, so he’s now got to buy the bike.

Morning arrives to light rain, oh no!  wet tents to pack. We were soon off, sadly worse journey was for the Whiting family as the Midnight Star giving up the ghost with suspected petrol pump failure. So a good party great company of course lots of bonding ready for next outing.