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Bradford on Avon Picnic 2013
Well, it has been a long time hasn't it. The Jen n' Tel partnership on a Vultures rideout. Lots of reasons, dodgy foot, weather and holidays but today we realised what we had been missing. Now it's quite possible that there isn't a rider in the country that's more fair weather than us but we decided to brave the elements and experience the thrill of riding through whatever was chucked at us. I did ask Jen to cast a few spells to try and keep the day sunny (if you've got a witch in the family,  put her to good use) and it just remained to be seen how potent the majik can be.   There is a story that John Stevens will tell you about a biker wedding, two spots of rain and running for a bike cover for Lucille mk 1 but, dear reader, don't believe a word of it. Ok, believe it then and with this in mind and the weather forecast telling us that we just might have a shower, seeing us at Chieveley (and the first there, I might add) was always going to be improbable.  

Braving the rain spot that fell on my screen we arrived at 9.30 and helped ourselves to a couple of cups of Greggs coffee (so much better than Costa, Pete lol), a couple of sausage rolls and a yum yum? and we were ready to get it on.   The usual suspects rolled up and off we jolly well went. 

Jen and I have been riding this summer but this is the first time we'd ridden in formation for ages and I must admit I felt a little rusty. So Jen slapped me round the face and little Rusty ran away….boom boom, sorry.    The ride along the A4 was brilliant and some magnificent scenery helped the feeling of open road no end. Bob led and rode like he was on a VMax and the rest of us copied him on the bends and soon realised that we had foot boards as they scraped on the road. There is no better feeling in the world, with your clothes on, than riding with a bunch of mates and this is something that we have missed.   I managed to stay upright for the whole journey and just before we got to Bradford on Avon, took the lead.
We rode through town and then when we had got to our destination, I had a little surprise for the rest. I had arranged for Jacqui and Richard, who had been Vultures for years and had moved near to us to meet us there. Lots of surprised faces and hugging and a nice little touch, even if I do so myself.
Parking could have become a problem until an absolute gent came out of his drive and said that we could park outside his house. A diamond geezer if ever there was one.  

After a magnificent history lesson from Jen about the Tithe Barn and how the little symbols haven't prevented modern witches from entering, we set out our picnics by the side of the river Avon. The highlight has to be twofold, 1. Julie's cake and 2. How did she manage to keep it together on the bike? Still, it went down well, thanks Julie.   Kay tried to get us interested in playing games but the effects of the picnic were beginning to take effect and quite a few were heading off for dreamland. Some of us wandered into Bradford on Avon along a lovely little walk beside the river, another history lesson from Jen and a well-earned pot of Earl Grey. Did you see how I just dropped that in? Not just a pot of bog standard Yorkshire for Julie and me, no, Earl Grey the best tea in the world to quench a thirst.   Bradford-on-Avon
Walking back, Richard caught a glimpse out of the corner of his eye in a garage an old Velocette and Aerial. We asked the owner if we could have a look and she turned out to be a Drag Star owner, so as you can imagine a long conversation followed. Bikers have to be the most sociable people in the world.  

Bob led the way back and we split into two packs in Marlborough, some going with Bob and the rest back to ours for Tiffin. A very funny hour or so with Simon stopping for ever any relationship that I might have with the grumpy old git that lives on one side of us. He hadn't been in the garden for more than 5 seconds when he asked, at the top of his voice, 'so Terry, which side does your shitty neighbour live then'? Doh!  
Tea, cake and laughs and then time to upset Grumpy next door with loud pipes saying goodbye.  

So, dear reader what have we learned: Bob doesn't change one bit, Julie can balance cakes on the back of her bike, Kay can swing those balls! But above all, don't tell Simon anything that you don't want repeated!!!
But above all, we must get out with The Vultures a bit more often.   We've missed the rideouts and we need to do a few more but believe it or not, you're going to see us at Kent, the cheques been sent, so no turning back.

See ya there. Tel.