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Lord Mayor's Charity Bike Show
First and foremost, I would like to publicly thank David David Jenkins for his excellent organising without whom, I could never have got this event planned. Excellent Drills Shipmate. Also to all the Legion Riders Marshals both at IBM and Guildhall Square for doing a sterling job in getting over 550 bikes in the square alone.

Finally, and equally importantly, I would like to thank everyone that attended today. We had in excess of 700 bikes, trikes and scooters (we lost count as we passed 700) - well done all

I can confirm that "as we speak" this was a one off show. The Lord Mayor's term of office is up soon and it will then be up to the new LM whether or not we come back.

Having spoken to the LM at some length, both in the organising of today and during today as well, he will be promoting the event to the main council and also briefing his successor about turning this into a potential annual event. We certainly had the turnout but unfortunately we were not given a street traders licence to have traders/etc nor were we allowed the power to have the 3x bands that we wanted. Still, it was a good day. If it does turn out to be a one-off then we did meet our objective... To fill the square full of bikes, trikes and scooters.

If we get the go ahead for next year then assurances for traders and bands will be requested as we wanted there to be an entertainment factor today as well. to be given.

From me personally - many thanks for turning up and making it as successful as it could have been.

Dave Gibson