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Stryker Light ......... A Bolt out of Yamaha !
A message from our leader :-

Right…………    I have just had a call with Yamaha UK who have confirmed that the Stryker is coming to the UK, under the guise of XVS1300 Custom………   I asked about price but this hasn’t been confirmed as yet. Also, unsure of the amount coming in, as Yamaha are sceptical regarding how many they will sell. The two colours are orange and the black, see link below, but there will be NO chrome version this time around, although that may change in subsequent years, providing the demand is there.   Yamaha expect to have the bike/s into them within the first quarter of next year (Jan-Mar 2014), and expect to have them available for sale shortly after, certainly before the summer.   Great news……..please send out to your members, and Nick please put this on the website accordingly with the link.    http://www.yamaha-motor.eu/uk/products/motorcycles/cruiser/xvs1300cu.aspx  

Regards   Kevin Hoyte Chairman - Virago Star Owners Club  
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