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U.S. Bike Press loves the Bolt & 1300 Bagger
I subscribe to a U.S. Magazine entitled 'Cruiser' and in the Jan 2014 edition it has voted two yamahas as best cruisers!
The first category of best Bar Hopper they gave to the Bolt saying - Bolt'it packs one of our favourite engines, is a great all around town bike and the the bolt R spec gives Harley's sportster a real run for it's money'.


The second category was best Bagger - they awarded this to the V Star 1300 Deluxe calling it 'the best production middleweight bagger'. They claim the batwing fork mounted fairing, speakers, removable GPS and roomy saddlebags make the V Star1300 Deluxe a full featured and competent middleweight in its own right. They also say 'it packs less bells and whistles than the big boys but it is easier to muscle around as well as carrying a much more accessible price tag'.

 How great to read this in an American magazine, usually pretty pro it's home grown brands. I think this says a lot about the new models coming forward from Yamaha and thought you might find this interesting enough to put on the web site?

Cheers,    Rog