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The OOOS party at Breighton Ferry

Well this time there was only four of us on Bikes, Boots, Baza (Scooter) (who could not walk as he had fallen off his scooter), Cabi (Iain Richards) and Shelia. You guessed it we all arrived at Cherwell in time for Bacon baps and coffee before our adventures to Yorkie Land. I can hear you all say "Where is Jive Bunny and Princess Sarah?"; well they decided to go by chariot, the motorised type.
We had a great ride up to Breighton and on arrival were in need of refreshments.  Keith had unloaded his chariot and waiting for us was cold Beer !   Tents erected, now for the Bar. Cabi insisted I accompany him to the bar on site, mmmm 8 times (Hick). Well I decided to have a drink with our Yorkie mates Jen and Kev Villiers and a couple of their friends. How was I to know the roll ups would make me speechless, legless, incoherent, Oh and sick. (Speechless is new, the rest normal. Ed) Well I was escorted, (carried) to my tent and everybody went about their business, (drinking). I woke up feeling refreshed, thinking "Where is everyone?", Keith and Sarah, oh and Cabi decided we needed burgers, so off to the burger bar we went. That’s when it happened. Everybody was looking strangely at me. Marie said "Boots are you ok?", "Yes" I reply "why?" She said "How the hell are you standing, cos Bob and few others took you to your tent not expecting to see you again today". Feeling somewhat confused we went to the bar to get a G&T. Maggie  said Boots "You’re like a Zombie we just can’t kill you off, you keep bouncing back". Well me and Cabi ended up dancing till 02:15. What a great night.

Next Day it BLOODY rained. I thought the Swampies had sneaked into the site overnight. Well, the  ride-out was cancelled, but Keith, Cabi and I found a great little shop that sold the most wonderful pies, gin, cider, tonic, need I go on.
Saturday night was great as we were first in line of 150 people to get our free dinners. I saw the hatch open and said to Princess "Quick run" and we did.

Saturday was a little subdued as we were riding home and wanted to be responsible Vultures. Feeling sorry for Scooter we helped him take down his tent at 06:00 in the morning as he had a deadline and needed to be home by 10:30. No not another baby, he had to babysit while Tara went Partying. Well I got a text from Scooter at 10:10 saying arrived home safely.