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A 70's Butlin's Blitz
Well I thought another member of our Vulture Club was providing a write up on this but three weeks on and nothing has appeared; lazy perch loafers!

Now I will be honest, I had my doubts about this little venture. I had been informed by friends who previously attended these weekends that it was going to be a complete CHAV-FEST, full of piss heads    ( our boys obviously not included in that reference) shell suits and obese burger munchers. Now being a fairly sophisticated Vulture, as are all the Thames Valley gentry, I thought this might be a holocaust of booze and violence!               How wrong could I be? VERY WRONG …

It turned out to be the best weekend I have had in years, I have not laughed this much for a long time and I could not recommend it highly enough; it was brilliant. Friday afternoon found us loafing around the main reception waiting for Colin and our room entry time. OK so coffee, cake, more coffee…. Oh OK beer.
We found Ian, Al and Keith already in the bar and so joined them for a few.  Laughing at the misfortunes of others is a fine art honed by the Vultures and the amount of Michael being extracted, particularly by Colin, of other party goers was exceptional. By the time we were ready to go out that evening we were excited and in a very silly frame of mind.

Everyone that dressed up did a fantastic job of getting into the spirit of things and once inside the main stage area we were glad we had, for 80% of those there were dressed to kill. The bands were terrific with one exception, the staff were helpful, Bognor was grottyJ,  the accommodation was fine and the company brilliant.  

Highlights of a musical and other nature were, from my stand point:-
1.    Bootleg Blondie
2.    Glad it’s night and her pips
3.    Brotherhood of Man
4.    Angelo Star
5.    All the 70’s disco music ( we all knew all the words )
6.    I lost weight with all the dancing

Please please … Can we go again next year and maybe do an 80’s one ???????