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A Northern Adventure
As we were going North of Watford Gap it was decided that the trailer trash would not take trailers. This was so the solo riders could keep up with us.
Well the adventure started at Cherwell Services with a cup of coffee and free bacon roll. I counted the bikes in, it did not take long, there was only 4 of us. Boots, Scooter, Jive Bunny and Sox. Princess Sarah was travelling by car and had left in the early hours.

Lane restrictions due to road works made filtering difficult, Scooter was calm this time, and only blocked one car from letting him through, and Jive Bunny had to swerve under the trailer of a lorry as one car did not want him filtering. 4½-5 hours later we arrived at our destination, North Shields, Tyne and Wear. When we checked in we heard those warming words of "Oh Bollocks Centre 12 are here, no sleep for us this weekend". Oops forgot to say Sarah had arrived at 11:00 on good advice from Boots. Sadly we did not arrive until 3.00pm !! Mmmmmm, must have got my calculations wrong!!!

Tents erected in glorious sunshine, then Scooter, Sox and I raided Morrison’s. People seemed to give us the funniest of looks, three hefty bikers walking around in shorts, sandals and crash helmets! Back at Base Mr Glenlevit made an appearance, and in true VSOC fashion, Grumpy and Wild Child along with Kev and Jen Villiers joined us in a pow wow around the camp fire, (well it sounds better than a table).
Well we did everything in style, drinking, dancing, sliding down banisters and stairs, oops I nearly forgot and in true Vulture style woke the whole campsite up after club house shut. (always makes Scooter proud).

The ride out on the Saturday was to Bambough Castle on a coastal route. As it was so sunny we did not put any waterproofs in our bags and yes, you guessed, it poured down for 25 very long wet, windy miles. Saturday afternoon I could hear Grumpy sat at the table mumbling. I got out my tent and went to see him. He said "What are you doing in that tent?", I said "I live there". Confused he said "Well who’s is the blue one cos that’s the one I was standing outside calling your name". "Twat" I said. Well he then produced a 15 year old bottle of Glenlevit and said "I thought I would return yesterdays favour". We all tried saying "no thanks" but the only thing that came out was "Fill us up".

That evening was dress up day, Scooter with Sarah’s Hat, Jive Bunny in a onesy, the rest of us dressed up as Bikers. On Sunday I rode home, on my own in glorious Sunshine. I think everybody that left on Monday got a little wet ! LOL ! Another fantastic time had with our VSOC friends.