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A Tonna Rain ll
We set off on Friday in sunshine and we came back on Sunday in sunshine but what happened in between is a familiar story for the Swampies.  
Danced to 'A Whole Lotta Love' on Friday, 'A Whole Lotta Rosie' onRain in Banwell Saturday and camped to a 'A Whole Lotta Rain'  but this time accompanied but 'A Whole Lotta Wind'. I fully expected our tent to end up in the next field after Friday night but the worst that happened was a two foot rip and smaller rip down one side, it just couldn't take the wind. Another trip to Go Outdoors I guess, deep joy!  

The edge was taken off of Friday by a couple of dozen Buds and the dance floor had a good work out, the voice being shot yet again by my 'singing'.

Saturday bought the charms of Glastonbury, I do love that place, full of people who never left the 60s, Earth Mothers, musicians and just plain weirdos.  I noted that night that Chris Jagger was playing at one of the pubs, different worlds indeed.
The shops are amazing, not a Next or Starbucks to be seen. Sue had to be stopped from dribbling when a Robert Plant lookalikie walked past and spent the next 15 minutes talking about how she would stalk him given half a chance lol.  

Knackered by the lack of sleep the previous night, the Saturday dance floor saw little trouble from me but 4 Rocks Sake were good and having seen what happened to our rally virgin I began to wish I was a virgin all over again.   Sunday morning saw us home by 9.30 and I'm only barely awake enough to write this. Unexpected highlight of the weekend - Lyndys dancing - need to  see some more of that.  Thanks to all The Vultures for the usual great company and laughs, pip pip - Mr Swampy .