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26th Dec Pictorial Recap of 2014   Gallery
21st Dec BikersPost needs testers for their new App Details  
19th Dec Surprising effect of videos Details  
8th Dec Good News for Once Link  
26th Nov They are at it again !!!! Link  
31st Oct Photos from Ride-Out to Towcester   Gallery
14th Oct Excellent videos promoting advanced rider training Eps 1
Eps 2
Eps 3
Eps 4
8th Oct DFDS have discontinued their Harwich - Esjberg route.  Regina Line want to take over the route but need to convince their investors there is a demand for this service. Please 'Like' their Facebook page to show VSOC's interest. Regina Line  
8th Oct Mike Turner wins Diesel Award for representing TVV at the Colombia Rally for a third time. Awards  
6th Oct Bordon Rally Video Video  
24th Sept Battle of the Bolts Link  
16th Sept Breighton Ferry Write Up  
16th Sept Northern Adventure Write Up  
10th Sept Scooter beats Socks to the Diesel Award Award Page  
10th Aug Blackjack Bob posts C12 Rally Video on Youtube Video  
3rd Aug Scrumpies Party 2014 Write Up 1
Write Up 2
27th July Solent Rally   Gallery
20th July Buckler's Hard Write-Up  
13th Jul Owlsmoor Fete   Gallery
29th Jun Wurlitzer Nother Tonna Rain   Gallery
22nd June Brian Gray's Open Day   Gallery
17th June International Rally 2014, Rosdorf, Germany Thank You Gallery
25th May A Tonna Rain Write Up Gallery
16th April Petition to stop ABS being made compulsory on motorcycles Link  
10th April Iain wins this month's Diesel Award Award Page  
12th Mar Keith wins Diesel Award for 'giving up' an electric cigarette. Award Page  
10th Mar Brighton Eventually Write Up & Song ? Gallery
10th Feb Butlin's Ballroom Blitzed by Vultures
(now with extra photos 12/2/14)
(and now with a write up 26/2/14)
Write Up Gallery
21st Jan On-line Membership Renewal Now Available Link  
7th Jan Riders Digest 186 available Link  
14th Dec Pictorial Review of 2013 (in no particular order) Gallery  
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