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Colin left flat.
Weather forecast was rain but clearing up, so after watching it get brighter I finally decided to get the bike out and take a run to the Hawk Conservancy. It was too late to ride to Cheiveley and join the ride down to Andover.
Despite the bike being on an optimate the battery was flat, so out come the jump leads, great news! it fires into life at the second attempt, first ride out of 2015 now beckons and Hawk Conservancy here I come.
Bike left running for 30 minutes whilst I did a lazy clean (just the screen & mirrors) and some air in the tyres. Togs on and ready for the off.

15 minutes later I hit Devizes peel off left at the first roundabout and in true vultures tradition its the wrong way. On making a U-turn I manage to stall the bike. The battery is now completely dead and will not start.
Guy walking his dog stops, he rides a big BMW 1300. Offers to help but would be about an hour. Thank him for the offer but have just called Carol Nash break down service (60 -90 mins wait though), a first time caller, hope its worth the money.
Fortunately I am outside the Hourglass so as a hardened biker (not) I venture into the pub and order a nice cup of Earl Grey. To my surprise it also came with a small bowl of chocolate raisins,  mmmm chocolate!! 45 minutes later man with dog turns up with his wife and jumps leads, but unable to start the bike, even taking leads off and back on still no joy, what a kind fellow biker.
True to their word the recovery guy turns up dead on 90 minutes, no letter of complaint to Carol Nash then. First attempt with the jump leads and the bike is up and running just as the rain starts to fall. Recovery guy decides to follow me home just in case I grind to a halt again.

Just setting off on the journey back home and the heavens open and its like driving though a waterfall, 20 minutes later and the bike is back in the garage. Not only did I not get to see any Vultures I didn't even see a sparrow whilst waiting to be recovered, oh well off to get a new battery !

Colin Lawton